What is a signature talk?

“A signature talk is your single most effective tool in attracting and booking more speaking engagements and attracting high-quality clients because it’s a presentation that incorporates your core messaging, unique point of view, your signature story, and most importantly…shifts your audience’s perspective.” – Arel Moodie

Why do you need one?

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek


✨Making money – easier to pitch

  • You know the audience
  • You know your message will fit
  • You know what value you will provide
  • You know how your solutions will benefit
  • You know who NOT to speak to

✨Work smarter, not harder

  • Why write several talks when you can perfect one?
  • You can tweak the stories, case studies, intros/outros etc to suit the audience
  • You can tweak the delivery – the tone, the body language, the soundbites
  • You talk becomes more fluid, more organic, more you.


  • Become known for something
  • Audience FOMO
  • Strategic repetition creates lasting impressions
  • The gigs will come to you

✨You can take a speaking gig at any moment.

  • Speakers often drop out at the last minute and their spots need filling.
  • Take advantage of the opportune moments.

✨Media/PR is so much easier!

  • You can share soundbites from your talk
  • You expand the reach of your core message
  • You increase momentum even further.

✨Consistency = Trust

  • Showing up consistently doesn’t mean showing up EVERY day…it means that whenever you do show up it is ON MESSAGE.

What do I talk about?

✨Your core beliefs – Why are you in business? Why do you care about sharing your message and your work?

✨Your expertise – Who are you? Who do you help? What results do you get? What makes you different from others in your field? – if you’re struggling with this, what are your strengths? (This free strength finder test was pretty accurate for me: https://test.high5test.com/)

✨Your audience – Why should they care about your talk? What’s in it for them?

✨Your story – What was your journey? What personal transformation have you experienced and how can they get the same transformation without the same risk?

✨The One Thing – What one solution/quick win can you give them that they can use right away to help them along their own journey? The non-negotiable? – Keep it simple, superstar! Remember…


✨ONE offer – What’s one thing they can do to get bigger and better results by working with you? Make it make sense – it should be a natural and obvious next step from the ONE THING.

✨Gratitude – Thank and reward your audience for the time they’ve spent listening to you! It is also your opportunity to build your email list – give them your lead magnet or other resource. (optional) Bonus gift for asking an intriguing question (incentivising the Q&A).

TASK: Outline your signature talk

  • Core Belief
  • Expertise
  • Audience
  • Your story
  • The One Thing
  • Offer

Post your outline below – you can share multiple bullet points for each aspect and we can discuss which to include for maximum impact and influence.

The first fully fleshed out draft should be ready for 31st October when we start working on delivery but I just want to see your outlines/ideas this week.

Remember: You will be delivering this in the ENCORE Speakers Summit in December (TBA) so don’t half-ass it, speak about something you light up when sharing!