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  • Kate and Becky discussed how Kate uses a transcription tool to record and summarize their calls, and how Becky realized she was sabotaging herself in regard to money due to past experiences of being looked down upon.
  • Kate and Becky discussed Becky’s realization about her internal views and manuscript, and how it affects her work. They also discussed the importance of building a strong brand and value offer for Becky’s upcoming membership, and how TikTok can help her reach a wider audience.
  • Becky and Kate discussed strategies for building Becky’s brand and audience on social media platforms, including TikTok and Facebook. They talked about the importance of having a strong brand and engaging with other users’ content to tap into ready-made audiences. 
  • Becky, Kate, and Cristina discussed their experiences with content creation and social media platforms, including the benefits and drawbacks of professional mode on Facebook and the importance of avoiding burnout. They also talked about the scheduling feature and how it can be helpful for managing content. 
  • Kate, Cristina, and Becky discussed strategies for increasing visibility and engagement on social media, including interacting with new connections’ posts and using chatbots to segment audiences for targeted messaging. They also talked about the importance of having a set procedure in place for managing email lists and customer movement through offers.
  • Becky, Kate, and Niamh Corcoran discussed Niamh’s struggles with her business, including financial issues and difficulty standing out in a crowded market. They brainstormed ideas for fresh angles and reaching new audiences.
  • Kate suggests to Niamh that she should consider teaching Reiki as there is a bigger market for people wanting to learn it than receive it, and it would empower people to have control over their own healing. Niamh is hesitant due to lack of confidence in teaching, but Kate encourages her and suggests ways to market it to her audience.
  • Kate advised Niamh to create a separate visual and brand for her Reiki offerings to stand out from her other content. Niamh was tasked to create a vision board with bold and unmuted colours to represent her true self.
  • The group discussed tips on how to command attention and be more confident in social situations, including posture, smiling, and taking breaks to recharge. Cristina asked for advice on how to respond to a request for a video of her singing, and Kate suggested recording herself singing along to a track she was part of to showcase her involvement without having to sing solo.
  • Cristina and Kate discussed the possibility of Cristina recording a video of herself singing in her bathroom to send to a PR person. They also talked about the idea of Cristina doing a fitness warm-up in the video instead, and potentially filming it at the gym with other people involved.
  • Kate, Cristina, and Niamh Callery discussed Niamh’s struggles with balancing work and family life, and her plans to cut back on ceremonies to make time for mentoring and parenting courses.
  • Kate and Niamh discussed the possibility of Niamh offering one-to-many mentoring sessions and creating masterclasses on various topics related to being a celebrant. They also talked about the potential for Niamh to have streams of income that don’t require her time.
  • Kate and Niamh discussed the possibility of Niamh setting up a separate account for her mentoring services, as it is a different market from her current audience. They also talked about starting with a list of master classes and promoting them to potential clients.