It’s time to stop playing the “support act” in your own life and embrace your Headliner energy!

Hey, Rockstar.


If you’ve found yourself here it’s because you’ve probably been in my world for a while.

You might have even heard me talking about my favourite space online – the Rockstar Confidence Crew – a place where I support business owners in amplifying their message and becoming the rockstars of their niche, helping them embody the confidence and fearlessness required for success.


I know you’ve been waiting for me to bring that showbiz sparkle and confidence boosting magic your way too.

Well, I noticed you. I see you, and I hear you.

And there’s no way I’m leaving you out in the cold.


That’s why I created something special…just for you.

A place where you can find your own rockstar confidence so that you can show up unapologetically real.

At home.

At work.

In your relationships.

You deserve to rock your way through life – sometimes you just need somebody to show you a few moves 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

I’m inviting you to join the waitlist for RCC Lifestyle

A supportive and fun-loving community where you’ll be given a safe space to talk, feel seen and heard but, most importantly, get practical (and fun!) ways to deal with the shit life throws at you and boost your confidence along the way.

If you want to be the first to know all the details as they emerge, including when we open our doors for founding members, then sign up to the waitlist below!

See you soon, Rockstar!

Love, Kate 🤘🏻💋


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