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BRINGING NEW CLIENTS INTO YOUR business GETS TO BE so much easier when you let your audience KNOW THE REAL YOU BEHIND THE MASK

Hey, I’m Kate Hogan!

Professional Stage Performer, and Voice & Presence Coach. I help entrepreneurs find their voice and become the Rockstars of their niche!

The #1 thing people ask me is: “How do you show up like a freaking rockstar ALL THE TIME.”

Wanna hear the short answer? Never not be a ROCKSTAR!

But here’s the longer version: Showing up like a rockstar doesn’t mean always being polished to perfection, knowing exactly what to say, and looking like you’ve just stepped out of Hollywood.

Rockstar confidence is a formula, and once you know that formula, you’re gonna be turning heads even in a bin bag (well, especially in a bin bag but that’s not the point!)

So, if you wanna learn the formula to Rockstar Confidence, to being real and getting paid for it, then stick with me, kid!

Things you should know about me before we get down and dirty:

  • I am also a retro pin up model and avid fan of bold hair dye – so you just know I’m gonna ooze a little cheek and charisma – who better to lead you in showing up as your unique self!
  • I might be sweet as cherry pie but I sugarcoat nothing, expect good old fashioned honesty served up with a hearty dose of dry humour.
  • I’m a former cruise ship singer! So I have plenty of stories from the ship to the stage to share! Make sure to ask me about my birthday sesh in Cabo…and how I almost missed the boat.

Want a peek behind the curtain? Here’s a taster of what you can expect during our three days!

Remember who TF you are. This business journey you’re on is an EPIC adventure. Between that and life, it’s easy to lose the real you. On day one, you’ll remind yourself who YOU are. Truly. Fly that freak flag, Rockstar!

Express your passion. There is nothing more magnetic to your clients than watching you speak from your genius. On day two, I’ll teach you the exact technique I use to fully embrace my genius without any inhibitions.

Align your actions. There are so many ways to achieve your business goals but all the information out there can be massively conflicting leading you to doubt you’re even cut out for this. Day three shows you how to start forging your own path…one you’ll love so much that you can…

Live your life and business unmasked. Fully step into the power of the REAL you – the you that has all the strength, creativity, and power to manifest REAL abundance, wealth, health, and happiness in your life.

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DISCLAIMER: I cannot be held responsible for the crazy amounts of attention and sales this will bring your way (okay…maybe I can 😈)

Is this experience for me?

All the advice you hear around how to show up and get more clients is conflicting and you don’t know which to follow.

You know what you “should” be doing and it seems to be working for everyone else EXCEPT you.

You feel like you’ve tried all the things and yet you’re still exactly where you were 6, 12, 18+ months ago.

You feel like you have to pretend to be someone you’re not or take action that you don’t feel aligned with in order to win new clients and that just feels icky.

Showing up on social media feels like a chore and you cringe at the idea of being a “content creator”. You just wanna do what you know you’re epic at!

You worry that if you do show up authentically people will think you’re too much or worse…not enough.

If even one of these statements resonates with you, then hit the button below. Now. It’s time to unmask and unleash the real you.

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