the six-week experience that will revolutionise your video content game, empower you to break free from the ordinary, and attract a loyal tribe of fans who can’t get enough of your iconic presence.

Nobody ever taught you this…

The world has changed vastly in the last three years. More businesses than ever are using their online presence to grow and scale their sales.


We don’t have a captive audience anymore. They’re back out in the real world, wanting real experiences, with real people.

They’re consuming more video content than ever and they’re gravitating towards business owners who are relatable, dialed in, and authentic.

Nobody ever taught you how to take who you are and make it video bitesized.

There wasn’t a module in camera confidence at the hardknocks business school.

You were expected to just know it or be “born with it”.

I’m calling BS on that expectation. Because everything I know about being on camera, being REAL on camera, I LEARNT.

It’s time for you to seize this secret weapon for yourself, go rogue, and carve out your own path full of gold.

It’s time to become the RENEGADE.


During these 6 weeks you’ll…


Master the art of fearless thinking, challenge the status quo, and unlock your untamed creativity.


Discover unconventional tactics to skyrocket your business growth and leave your competitors in awe.


Harness the power of your unique voice and create magnetic video content that captivates your audience.


Forge your own renegade path that will release you from influencer marketing on social media and give you back freedom to do the work you actually love, and STILL have time for you.


Stand out from the crowd, build an iconic presence, and attract a loyal tribe of clients who adore your renegade vibes.


Catapult your business to new heights with renegade scaling strategies and expand your impact like a true rebel.

Hey, I’m Kate Hogan!

People call me Mama Rockstar because I help business owners find their voice, embrace their Headliner energy and become the Rockstars of their niche!

The #1 thing people ask me is: “How do you show up like a freaking rockstar ALL. THE. TIME?”

Wanna hear the short answer? Never not be a ROCKSTAR!

But here’s the longer version: Showing up like a rockstar doesn’t mean always being polished to perfection, knowing exactly what to say, and looking like you’ve just stepped out of Hollywood.

Rockstar Confidence can be learnt, and once I show you what your brand of Rockstar Confidence looks like on you, you’re gonna be turning heads even in a bin bag (well, especially in a bin bag but that’s not the point!)

So, if you wanna learn the secret to Rockstar Confidence, to being real and getting paid for it, then stick with me!

Things you should know about me before we get down to it…

I am professional singer, retro pin up model, and an avid fan of bold hair colour – so you just know I’m gonna ooze a little cheek and charisma – who better to lead you in showing up as your unique self!

I might be sweet as cherry pie but I sugarcoat nothing, expect good old fashioned honesty served up with a hearty dose of dry humour. Think of me as your business bestie, the one who will tell you what everyone else won’t.

I’m a former cruise ship singer! So I have plenty of stories from the ship to the stage to share! Make sure to ask me about my birthday sesh in Cabo…and how I almost missed the boat.

Join me for this six week program live on zoom, with a facebook support group, and access to a trove of outstanding resources.

Renegade Revolution: Unleashing Your Creative Rebellion

Unleash your inner renegade and embark on a creative revolution. This module will ignite your rebellious spirit, break free from conventional norms, and empower you to create video content that pushes boundaries, disrupts the status quo, and captivates your audience like never before.

Renegade Vision: Maverick Ideas for Unforgettable Video Content

Get ready to dive into the realm of maverick ideas and visionary concepts. In this module, you’ll explore unconventional approaches to video creation, unlock your unique perspective, and discover innovative techniques to produce unforgettable video content that leaves a lasting impact on your viewers.

Renegade Storytelling: Crafting Authentic Video Stories for Your Brand

Stories have the power to connect, inspire, and drive action. In this module, you’ll master the art of renegade storytelling, learning how to weave authentic narratives that resonate with your audience on a deep level. Unleash the power of storytelling and watch your brand’s video content come to life.

Renegade Pathfinders: Strategy and Innovation in Video

Chart your own path to success in the ever-evolving world of video. This module will equip you with renegade strategies and innovative approaches to video creation, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve, leverage emerging trends, and carve out your unique space in the digital landscape.

Renegade Tribes: Building a Renegade Community through Video

Community is at the heart of a renegade’s journey. In this module, you’ll discover how to build a passionate tribe around your brand using the power of video. Learn the secrets to fostering meaningful connections, engaging your audience, and cultivating a loyal community that amplifies your message and supports your mission.

Renegade Expansion: Scaling Your Video Presence with Integrity

As a renegade, growth and expansion go hand in hand with integrity. In this module, you’ll explore strategies for scaling your video presence without compromising your authenticity. Discover how to reach wider audiences, amplify your impact, and maintain your renegade spirit as your video empire flourishes.

With 30+ years on stage learning how to command audiences in seconds, to decades of experience coaching people on their vocal and physical presence, to makeup artistry, set design, production and direction, not to mention the wealth of sales psychology and behavioural psychology I have under my belt, few people teach what I teach, or at least can master the scope of what I teach.
This program is going to marry all those skills together to give you an experience like no other.

Prepare yourself to become the…

Because you didn’t think I was going to stop there did you? Join by Sunday and get…

Rockstar Confidence Course (worth $497)

Access to my indepth course that introduces you to the ROCKSTAR framework!

Rockstar Live Video Planner (worth $97)

Everything you need to create your signature live show in just 15minutes a week!

Get Sh*t Done Hun - Productivity (worth $99)

Get my tips to condensing down you work day and eliminating that end of day brain whirring.


6 Week Program

6x Zoom Masterclasses

Facebook Group Support

Access to the
Renegade Resource Repository

Everything you need to start crushing your video content and creating a renegade presence online.

$599 paid in full or instalments
(ask me about payment plans, I’m happy to be as flexible as you need!)

Everything in RENEGADE Standard


6 Weeks 1:1 Voxer Access*

*fair usage applies

Maximise your results by having direct and private 1:1 access to me for the entire program. ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT!

$999 paid in full or instalments
(ask me about payment plans, I’m happy to be as flexible as you need!)

Everything in RENEGADE Beyond


Let me take care of your video strategy. Whether your goal is audience growth, promotion, or sales, I’ll write you an in depth video strategy playbook.


We’ll spend a day producing some incredible video content together, where I’ll direct, style, and edit your videos.

$2999 paid in full or instalments
(ask me about payment plans, I’m happy to be as flexible as you need!)

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