You’re In!

The March 2024 Beta Program

Welcome to beyond words academy!

Hey there, Rockstar!

I’m so happy to welcome you into the Beyond Words Academy!
You are going to be part of an incredible movement to make important voices and ideas heard! And we’re going to have a lot of fun doing so!

You’ll soon be receiving an email with all your next steps but you can get a head start on things by hitting the button below and requesting to join the Beyond Words Academy Support Community!

Everything you need to get the most out of your time with us will be posted there.

I’ll be letting people in from 1st March and the program will start on the 18th!

(All call dates and times to be confirmed by 1st March)

Onstage with my client Jaynie at the end of her talk “UNF*CKINGLEASHED” (yeah that’s a blow up man onstage)

Here’s A Reminder of what’s included in the beta program

  • Access to all content via live zoom trainings and replays (first call is w/c March 18th 2024)
  • Access to the BWA Support Community on Facebook.
  • Complete the beta and receive complimentary access to the full, professionally recorded program once released (including future updates and bonuses)


  • Program will run for approximately 6-8 weeks (I have planned a 6 week core curriculum but as this is a beta I’m giving myself a little wiggle room in case my neurospicy brain racks up a surprise gem that has to be included!)

And this is your BEYOND WORDS PLEDGE

I Pledge to Dive In & Explore: I’m ready for an adventure in communication, eager to transform how I speak and connect. I understand this journey is both a privilege and a responsibility – to myself and my clients.

I Pledge to Show Up: Fully present, ready to engage, I commit to participating actively in every session, knowing that my growth is directly tied to my involvement.

I Pledge to Implement & Experiment: I will put into practice what I learn, embracing the trial and error that comes with mastering new skills. My voice will not just echo; it will resonate because I dared to apply, to try, and to refine.

I Pledge to Share Insightful Feedback: I am not just a participant but a co-creator of this journey. I will provide honest, constructive feedback to help shape the Academy, understanding that my contributions today will echo in the program’s legacy.

I Pledge to Celebrate Every Step: Recognising that progress comes in many forms, I will celebrate my achievements and those of my fellow beyonders. Together, we’re not just learning; we’re leading the way into a future where our voices carry weight and inspire change.

By embracing this pledge, I join a community of leaders, committed to showing up, implementing what we learn, and providing feedback that will pave the way for continued growth for ourselves and the people we help.