SLIDES: Cutting Through the Chaos (


  • Sushmita discussed how to streamline launches and make them more stress-free and enjoyable. She shared her expertise in running launches and emphasized the importance of having fun while doing them. – PLAY @1:27
  • Sushmita discussed the importance of timelines, messaging, simplifying technical aspects, leveraging strategic promotions and collaborations, and continuous monitoring and adjustment in launching a successful project or business. She emphasized that a launch is not just about getting the product or offer out there, but also about building a brand, creating excitement, and inviting the right people to be part of the journey. – PLAY @7:09
  • Sushmita discussed the importance of structuring timelines and resources for effective planning and execution of events. She emphasized that timelines act as a compass, guiding her through the chaos and allowing for adjustments when necessary. – PLAY @13:00
  • Sushmita discussed the importance of creating a well-structured timeline for launching a business. She emphasized that a timeline helps provide direction, efficiency, and peace of mind, and can be adjusted if needed. – PLAY @18:35
  • Sushmita discussed the advantages of backward design, which include clear objectives, better preparation, efficient resource allocation, accountability, and maintaining focus. She also provided a practical example of a launch schedule divided into different phases, starting from the idea phase to the actual launch week. – PLAY @24:16
  • Sushmita and Kate discussed different strategies for keeping potential leads engaged after a launch event. They suggested adding the event information to the thank you page of a lead magnet or incorporating it into the email sequence to maintain a connection with warm leads. – PLAY @35:20
  • Sushmita discussed the process of running a launch week and public launch for a business. She emphasized the importance of building relationships with the audience, analyzing the launch, and making improvements for future launches. – PLAY @41:00
  • Sushmita discussed the importance of aligning messaging and creative assets in order to effectively convey the brand story and value proposition. She emphasized the need for brand consistency, visual hierarchy, and simplicity in design, as well as the use of graphics and animations to enhance storytelling. – PLAY @46:35
  • Sushmita discussed common mistakes to avoid when aligning with creative assets, such as inconsistent branding, overcomplicating designs, neglecting mobile optimization, relying too heavily on stock images, overloading graphics with text, and inconsistency in tone. She also emphasized the importance of simplifying the technical aspects of running a launch and being selective with tech tools that integrate well with each other. – PLAY @58:24
  • Sushmita discussed the importance of choosing tech tools that work well for your business and integrating them effectively. She emphasized the need to keep things simple, automate tasks, and test the technology to ensure a smooth client experience. – PLAY @1:10:04
  • Sushmita discussed various strategies for simplifying and streamlining business processes, such as using simple tools for tech-related tasks and leveraging strategic promotions and collaborations to expand reach and enhance the impact of a launch. She emphasized the importance of being picky with partners, keeping things simple, and thinking long-term. – PLAY @1:21:51
  • Sushmita discussed the importance of continuous monitoring and adjustment in business. She emphasized the need to analyze data, learn from mistakes, and make data-driven decisions to enhance performance and achieve objectives. – PLAY @1:33:21
  • Sushmita discussed the importance of viewing launches as fun events in business, emphasizing the need for enthusiasm and energy. She also highlighted the significance of building scalable systems that can adapt and grow with the business, leading to streamlined processes and increased impact. – PLAY @1:45:00
  • Kate and Sushmita discussed the importance of market research before launching a product or service, as well as the need for a launch audit to evaluate what worked well and what could be improved. They also mentioned that the time scale for promotions may vary depending on the size of the event, but a minimum of three weeks is recommended. – PLAY @1:48:30
  • Kate and Sushmita discussed how to effectively promote multiple offers concurrently, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing and spreading out promotions across different formats and platforms. Sushmita also mentioned providing a free action plan template and upcoming trainings in her email newsletter. – PLAY @1:58:21