• In the conversation, Subhan discusses his frustration with a yoga training company that is becoming his competition and impacting his workshop registrations. Kate advises Subhan to differentiate himself from the company, focus on his unique offerings, and increase his visibility to attract clients. – PLAY @0:07
  • Subhan, Kate, and Hannah discussed the importance of using Instagram stories and repurposing them as reels to increase visibility and engagement. They also encouraged Subhan to write down his thoughts and ideas to better organize them and create compelling written content. – PLAY @10:19
  • Subhan, Kate, Hannah, and Donna had a conversation about various topics including affirmations, ADHD medication, and kombucha. They discussed their experiences, shared ideas, and offered support to each other. – PLAY @20:53
  • Donna, Hannah, Kate, and Subhan had a conversation about Donna’s plans for her kombucha course and her struggles with marketing. They discussed strategies for building a waitlist, reaching out to potential customers, and repurposing existing content. – PLAY @31:46
  • Kate, Donna, and Hannah discussed various topics including Donna’s interest in finding a teapot mold, Hannah connecting Donna with a client who can 3D print the teapot, Donna’s resin work, and Kate’s plans to launch a rock star conference proof for non-business owners in September. – PLAY @42:38