• Niamh sought advice on reaching out to potential clients, and Kate suggested a different approach to avoid sounding like a pitch. – PLAY @0:02
  • Kate and Niamh discussed the importance of building relationships before asking for help or pitching ideas. They realized that starting a conversation and showing genuine interest in the other person’s work is a better approach to get a positive response. – PLAY @6:05
  • Niamh and Kate discussed the importance of building relationships and trust with clients, as well as the need for Niamh to showcase her services through live demonstrations and engaging content to regain visibility and attract potential clients. – PLAY @11:35
  • Niamh, Kate, and Michelle discussed Niamh’s upcoming masterclass and her plans for promoting it. They also talked about Michelle’s need to create content to build awareness of her brand and how to inject her personality into her writing. – PLAY @22:38
  • Michelle and Kate discussed their social media posting strategies, including the best times to post, the importance of interacting with others’ posts, and the effectiveness of engaging with comments on their own posts. They also mentioned the possibility of resurrecting old content to maintain visibility on days when they don’t have new content prepared. – PLAY @33:10
  • Kate, Michelle, and Jayne discussed the importance of presenting fresh ideas to boost visibility and engagement. They also talked about practical tips like “adding a pinch of salt” to content and measuring content efficacy without relying on insights. – PLAY @39:28
  • Kate and Michelle discuss the importance of experimenting with different types of social media posts to determine what resonates with their audience. They emphasize the need to track metrics and pay attention to what grabs people’s attention and generates engagement. – PLAY @45:04