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  • Kate, Jayne, Becky, and Lisa had a meeting where Lisa introduced herself as a dream medicine practitioner and energy worker. She discussed setting intentions for the new moon and emphasized the importance of keeping an open mind and being non-denominational in spiritual practices. – PLAY @0:00
  • Kate and Lisa discussed the practice of intention setting during a new moon. They shared their favorite rituals, such as journaling, charging crystals, and visualizing goals, and also explored the significance of dreams as portals for receiving guidance and insights from the divine. – PLAY @11:50
  • Lisa guided the group into a meditative state, encouraging them to connect with their dreams and set intentions. They visualized roots connecting them to the earth and expanded their energy to feel connected to the universe before stepping through a dream portal. – PLAY @25:02
  • Lisa and Kate discussed their dreams and the messages they received from their dream selves and guides. They explored the symbolism and meaning behind the elements in their dreams, such as animals and locations, and gained insights and guidance for their personal and professional lives. – PLAY @39:50
  • Becky, Lisa, and Niamh discussed their dreams and how they were able to find healing and guidance within them. They shared experiences of talking animals, being saved by spirit guides, and finding hidden meanings in their dreams. – PLAY @56:10
  • Lisa discussed the concept of exploring different timelines and making decisions in dreams. Niamh expressed interest in having a private session with Lisa for healing purposes. – PLAY @1:02:24
  • Kate, Lisa, and Jayne express gratitude for Lisa’s positive energy and the opportunity to connect on a deeper level. They thank Lisa for sharing her magic and look forward to future interactions. – PLAY @1:07:59