In a time when it feels like NOBODY is buying, successful business owners are still closing huge sales
their secret?

A POWERFUL MESSAGE and you can create YOURS too.


Create a powerful message that speaks directly from your passion to your clients’ desires and turns you into the wealthy, in demand expert who has it all.

Confused people don’t sell…well. You’ll get crystal clear on what you want and how to get it.

Deliver your powerful message in any scenario at any time with ultimate confidence & charisma

Fully step into & embody the power of you to create resonant connection with your audience.

It’s time to stop being the mumbling sidekick and step into your main character energy



ONE DAY Voxer Access to Kate
(can be booked at any time during the program)

SPEAKER SLOT at the Online ENCORE Speakers Summit

Weekly Calls + Q&A

Facebook Group Support

Lifetime Access to Program Content

Surprise Bonuses

*payment plans available to select during sign up



DAILY Voxer Access to Kate
(Mon-Fri for the entire 8 weeks)

SPEAKER SLOT at the Online ENCORE Speakers Summit

Pre-Summit 1:1 Presence Coaching Session with Kate

Weekly Calls + Q&A

Facebook Group Support

Lifetime Access to Program Content

Surprise Bonuses

*payment plans available to select during sign up


You feel stuck, unclear, and frustrated about creating a message that inspires your audience to buy from you.

You fed up with doing what everyone says you “should” be doing and feeling like a failure when it doesn’t work.

You feel like being a successful business owner is one long uphill battle after another and you want a better way.

I got you. So, let’s create the you-shaped missing piece of the puzzle.

The time of following the crowd is over. Following your heart is in.

I created ENCORE after being hugely frustrated that every program, course, and method out there barely pays lipservice to the basic principles of marketing yourself – your core message.

Every piece of content, every offer, every opportunity you have to talk about your work and your brand – it all comes back down to your core message and it deserves FAR MORE than being relegated to week one of a program. Especially, when after implementing these mentor’s teaching you go to them with your struggles and the first thing they throw back at you is: “It’s your messaging not the method.”

I’m going to guide you back to the reason you began this journey in the first place and excavate you from the veritable crap pile of other people’s opinions and advice that has taken you far away from the most valuable thing in business – you and your message.

Not only that, I am going to coach you in the one area many people forget to work on: their delivery, their vocal and physical presence. A great message is only as powerful as the person that delivers it – and we are going to help you embody your MAIN CHARACTER ENERGY – no masking, no faking, no trying to be somebody you are not.

I will not leave you stumbling at the start line…

but first, let me introduce myself…

Hey, I’m Kate Hogan!

People call me Mama Rockstar because I help business owners find their voice, embrace their Headliner energy and become the Rockstars of their niche!

The #1 thing people ask me is: “How do you show up like a freaking rockstar ALL. THE. TIME?”

Wanna hear the short answer? Never not be a ROCKSTAR!

But here’s the longer version: Showing up like a rockstar doesn’t mean always being polished to perfection, knowing exactly what to say, and looking like you’ve just stepped out of Hollywood.

Rockstar Confidence can be learnt, and once I show you what your brand of Rockstar Confidence looks like on you, you’re gonna be turning heads even in a bin bag (well, especially in a bin bag but that’s not the point!)

So, if you wanna learn the secret to Rockstar Confidence, to being real and getting paid for it, then stick with me!

Things you should know about me before we get down to it…

I am professional singer, retro pin up model, and an avid fan of bold hair colour – so you just know I’m gonna ooze a little cheek and charisma – who better to lead you in showing up as your unique self!

I might be sweet as cherry pie but I sugarcoat nothing, expect good old fashioned honesty served up with a hearty dose of dry humour. Think of me as your business bestie, the one who will tell you what everyone else won’t.

I’m a former cruise ship singer! So I have plenty of stories from the ship to the stage to share! Make sure to ask me about my birthday sesh in Cabo…and how I almost missed the boat.

Here’s what you get inside ENCORE

Week One

Gain clarity on your why, what it is you have to say, and how that will create the impact you desire. It’s time to get back to YOU and why you started.

Week Two

We begin drafting your signature talk that will form the heart of your messaging strategy. You will be delivering this at the ENCORE Speakers Summit with your fellow program attendees at the end of this program.

Week Three

This week we will distil your message even further, creating a bank of juicy soundbites that you can draw from in any interview, social media post, or opportune conversation to always sound like you are the rockstar of your niche.

Week Four

As we continue to develop and refine your message we will create your speaker one-sheet and get it out there to potential hosts so we can start getting those speaking gigs booked!

Week Five

By now you will have a solid signature talk that we can start working on the delivery of. This week we address how you feel about your voice and look at how to use the voice to convey your personality and expertise in a way that feels aligned with who you are and engages your audience.

Week Six

You talk with more than your voice. Let’s dive into body language and I’ll show you how you can bring the energy and command the room before you’ve said a word (even on a zoom call!)

Week Seven

Putting together all that we’ve covered in previous weeks, now we’ll look at working the stage/camera to bring to life your signature talk and create a buzz in your audience that leaves them hanging on your every word.

Week Eight

Your first speaking gig The ENCORE Speakers Summit is just around the corner!! This week we will look at stage fright or performance anxiety and create an individual plan for managing nerves so that you can deliver with confidence and charisma.

ENCORE Speakers Summit

The culmination of all your hard work and dedication over the past eight weeks will be celebrated with you delivering your Signature Talk at the ENCORE Speakers Summit! What an amazing way to celebrate, boost your authority, and expand audience!

A small, intimate, learning group

Each week we will come together as a group for the live Masterclass and Q&A as well as having a facebook group to support and encourage one another.

My invested, personal support

There is nothing that brings me a greater sense of reward and satisfaction that connecting people to the power of their voices. You will have my personal support from start to finish and, not only that, if you join ENCORE VIP you will have daily 1:1 access to me via Voxer.

Lifetime access to calls & resources

All of the bonuses, worksheets, calls, and the facebook group will be available to you long past the end of our 8 weeks together. Which means you have all the time in the world to revisit and revise

Because you didn’t think I was going to stop there did you?

Rockstar Confidence Course (worth $497)

Access to my indepth course that introduces you to the ROCKSTAR framework!

Rockstar Live Video Planner (worth $97)

Everything you need to create your signature live show in just 15minutes a week!

Get Sh*t Done Hun - Productivity (worth $99)

Get my tips to condensing down you work day and eliminating that end of day brain whirring.

What my clients have to say…

Anything else you need to know??

This is perfect but I don't think I can afford it right now, what should i do?

I don’t believe in pushing people off the fence when it comes to their budget, neither am I going to recommend you overstretch yourself financially. However, I have created payment plans to suit as many budgets as possible.

What Access Do I Get To Kate?

You’ll get group support from me in the facebook group throughout the whole 8 weeks plus a 1:1 Voxer day you can book at any point during those 8 weeks. If you’re a VIP then you get daily 1:1 Voxer access to me Mon-Fri between 10am-6pm plus a 1:1 intensive presentation delivery session with me before the summit.

What payment plans do you have?

We have 3, 6 and 12 month payment plans. When you apply, an automatic payment will be set to go out on the same day each month until the payment plan is complete. Please note that failure to keep up with payments might possibly result in your debt being passed on to a collection agency unless an alternative payment plan can be arranged.

So what happens next?

After you apply, you’ll immediately receive your onboarding email (please check your spam folder) with details on how to access the facebook group and other details about ENCORE. We will be starting from 3rd October.

Ladies and Gents, it’s time for ENCORE