June 22nd

The Power of Embracing Your Fearless Spirit

Uncover what it means to be fearless in the context of creativity and business. Break free from the conventional thinking that limits you and your business.


June 23rd

Fearlessly Expressing Your Authentic Voice

Discover the power of the embodied voice and how you can leverage it creatively and fearlessly for maximum reach and authority in business.

Hey, I’m Kate Hogan!

People call me Mama Rockstar because I help business owners find their voice, embrace their Headliner energy and become the Rockstars of their niche!

The #1 thing people ask me is: “How do you show up like a freaking rockstar ALL. THE. TIME?”

Wanna hear the short answer? Never not be a ROCKSTAR!

But here’s the longer version: Showing up like a rockstar doesn’t mean always being polished to perfection, knowing exactly what to say, and looking like you’ve just stepped out of Hollywood.

Rockstar Confidence can be learnt, and once I show you what your brand of Rockstar Confidence looks like on you, you’re gonna be turning heads even in a bin bag (well, especially in a bin bag but that’s not the point!)

So, if you wanna learn the secret to Rockstar Confidence, to being real and getting paid for it, then stick with me!

Things you should know about me before we get down to it…

I am professional singer, retro pin up model, and an avid fan of bold hair colour – so you just know I’m gonna ooze a little cheek and charisma – who better to lead you in showing up as your unique self!

I might be sweet as cherry pie but I sugarcoat nothing, expect good old fashioned honesty served up with a hearty dose of dry humour. Think of me as your business bestie, the one who will tell you what everyone else won’t.

I’m a former cruise ship singer! So I have plenty of stories from the ship to the stage to share! Make sure to ask me about my birthday sesh in Cabo…and how I almost missed the boat.

You in?


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