Welcome to the crew rockstar!

Be sure to follow the next few steps so you can make the most out of this incredible community and resource!

welcome checklist

  • Step 1: ADD THE DASHBOARD TO YOUR BOOKMARKS! (Go back the Dashboard and click on the star at the end of the address bar)
  • Step 2: Discover our Discord Channel “The GREEN ROOM: https://discord.gg/5CGXZGZUCy
  • Step 3: Introduce yourself in the New Members channel! I’ll be waiting for you.
  • Step 4: Request to join our Facebook Group The Rockstar Confidence Crew | Facebook
  • Step 5: Make sure “kate@rockstarconfidencecrew.com” is saved to your email contacts so you don’t miss important updates from me!
  • Step 6: Go Live in the Facebook Group To Introduce Yourself: a.) Who you are. b.) What you do. c.) What your biggest hope is. d.) What would your rock band be called?